TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies

A major update has been made to the MX Thermoelectric Coolers group.  Detailed specifications for each type are available, as well as a number of new TECs.  MX Group's TE coolers are mainly designed for X-ray and IR detectors and have a special internal arrangement of elements for an optimal balance of current and voltage in the operating mode.

1MD02 TEC Series - ultra-miniature thermoelectric coolers

Thermoelectric coolers of MD02 Series are the smallest TECs in our range with a main a focus on cooled TOSA applications.  Due to ultra-small cross-section of internal BiTe elements 1MD02 TECs have  low operating current,  optimal for modern TO-can TOSA applications.  SuperHD assembly technology and high-quality bulk BiTe material provide a perfect ultra-compact TEC solution with advanced cooling performance.  Additional "ANt" sub-series in MD02 Series consists of ultra-thin TECs with AlN ceramics,

0.7mm total TEC height and advanced height control.

Thermoelectric coolers of 1MDL06 Series are specially developed for telecom applications in "classical" DWDM packages like "Butterfly" 14pin or DIL. MDL06 TECs have industry standard dimensions, but comparing to typical TEC types our MDL06 TECs have up to 100% higher cooling capacity on the same size. Al2O3 and AlN ceramics solutions are available.


May 31st 2016

TEC Microsystems GmbH is certified by ISO 9001:2008 Standard


Apr 06th 2016

TEC Microsystems is exhibiting at FOE 2016 - 16th FIBER OPTICS EXPO in Tokyo, Japan. We are showcasing miniature thermoelectric cooling solutions for telecom industry.

Visit us at booth # E30-32 at the Berlin-Brandenburg Pavilion from 06-08 April 2016.


Dec 11th 2015

Having years of succesful collaboration TEC Microsystems GmbH became now the official European distributor of Advanced Technology Group Inc - US based

manufacturer of high-quality glass-to-metal sealed components.


Jun 03th 2016

the ultimate tool for thermoelectric coolers express analysis  now in small form-factor. It fits any pocket and provides fast and accurate measurement of three TEC key parameters: AC Resistance (ACR), Figure-of-Merit (Z) and Time Constant.


Jun 07th 2016

the ultimate tool for thermoelectric coolers express analysis - internal and external  measurement interfaces, TEC polarity check.  Fast and accurate measurements of TEC three key parameters. Ideal for trial and mid-size TEC batches QC.


Jun 10th 2016

The ultimate tool for thermoelectric coolers QC in volume manufacturing, DX4190 allows to check the parameters of 10x TE coolers at once. DX4190 Z-Meter is optimal if 100% QC is required for large volumes by TEC manufacturers and consumers.

DX5100 TableTop - all-in-one TEC Controller (TEC Driver)

Jul 04th 2016

Ideal solution for experiments with thermoelectric coolers and setup in the laboratory. Tabletop precise programmable TEC Controller with two independent TEC channels 4Ax8V each, PID Auto-Tune, TEC testing function and many other features.

DX5100 OEM TEC Drivers - big update

Jul 29th 2016

DX5100 OEM TEC Drivers is the entire family of modular compact OEM Peltier Controllers for integrating into customer devices and systems. Five core versions are available with optional extension boards for additional features.

Thermoelectric Coolers Introduction - the basics

Aug 08th 2016

Quick introduction to the world of thermoelectric coolers with key facts about TECs to know, the basics for a proper understanding.

Z-Meters - why it is required when you work with TECs

Aug 16th 2016

Z-Meters - special instruments for express TE coolers analysis and quality control. Why they are required if you work with thermoelectric coolers? Please, check our review.

Direct TEC perfomance testing - service overview

Sep 07th 2016

Introducing new service - direct TEC performance parameters  and power consumption testing. Get the real values, check your design and approve the optimal TEC selection. Expert TEC analysis  with DX8020 R&D system.

DX8130 Thermoelectric Generators Development Kit

Nov 24th 2016

Introducing DX8130 TEG Development Kit - tabletop laboratory for studying thermoelectric micro-generators (TEGs), testing their performance and operating parameters, TEGs development and optimization for green energy harvesting applications.

DX8020 TEC Expert System for detailed TEC analysis

Mar 09th 2017

DX8020 TEC Expert System is the professional R&D system developed for comprehensive TEC performance analysis. It allows to measure all TEC key performance parameters and analyze power consumption under specified conditions.

DX4085 Z-Meter Tester - Express TEC testing made easy

Apr 12th 2017

Introducing new portable Z-Meter DX4085 for thermoelectric coolers express analysis and quality control. It's autonomous, has 2.4" LCD screen for information output and requires no connection to PC.

Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors - update

May 16th 2017

Introducing miniature thermoelectric heat flux sensors with ultra-high sensitivity level. Up to 10 times more sensitive solutions than any analog on the market.  IP67 class protection and patented self-calibrating method.

Thermoelectric Energy Conversion - new book by Wiley

Oct 29th 2017

A new book by Wiley, Thermoelectric Energy Conversion - the latest volume in the AMN series, with a summary of recent developments in the technologies and systems for thermoelectricity including our Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors.

Upcoming new Thermoelectric Coolers Catalog

Dec 04th 2017

TEC Microsystems GmbH announces a new product catalog to be published on the corporate website. After a restructuring period in 2016 we are happy to announce the availability of high quality thermoelectric modules ranging from thermoelectric coolers and sub-assemblies through thermoelectric generators and heat flux sensors, including consulting services and special R&D devices.

Our products are results of long-standing, industry-proven know-how and experience with many years of successful application.

We are glad to deliver highest standards to our customers in the field of thermoelectric.

Unique Numbering System for Thermoelectric Modules

Dec 04th 2017

TEC Microsystems announces to continue usage of the unique numbering system for thermoelectric coolers licensed from its creator and owner of intellectual property  - Dr. Gennadi Gromov.

As the only authorized licensee TEC Microsystems will apply the numbering system to all designs and developments of thermoelectric modules in the upcoming new thermoelectric coolers catalog.

Jan 15th 2018

Introducing our MC04 Series of miniature thermoelectric coolers based on regular assembly technology.  Single- and multistage types, thermoelectric coolers of MC04 Series represent our solid and reliable "classic" TECs temperature stabilization in laser and optoelectronics industries.  The list of most common TEC types with detailed parameters is published on our web.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of MC04 Series

Jan 16th 2018

Introducing our MC06 Series of miniature thermoelectric coolers based on regular assembly technology.  Similar to MC04 Series by technology these TECs from MC06 Series are larger and more powerful by cooling capacity. The list of most common single- and multistage TECs from MC06 Series with detailed parameters is published on our web.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of MC06 Series

Jan 16th 2018

MC10 Series TECs are the largest by size thermoelectric coolers in our standard manufacturing range, assembled with regular bulk BiTe technology. The list of most common single- and multistage TECs from MC10 Series with detailed parameters is published on our web.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of MC10 Series

Jan 17th 2018

Introducing thermoelectric coolers of ML06 Series -  TECs specially developed for telecom applications in "classical" DWDM packages like "Butterfly" 14pin or DIL. ML06 TECs have industry standard dimensions and key performance parameters.  ML06 TECs are based on regular pellets placement technology with a wide range of manufacturing options available.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of ML06 Series

Jan 21st 2018

Introducing the updated thermoelectric coolers of MD04 Series -  single- and multistage miniature TE coolers with high-density (HD) pellets placement technology.  Comparing to regular types MD04 TECs have reduced distance between pellets inside, which allows either to reduce the size of TEC keeping the same performance, or increase TEC cooling capacity up to 60% on the same size.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of MD04 Series

Jan 23rd 2018

Introducing the updated thermoelectric coolers of MD06 Series -  universal TEC Series with single- and multistage miniature TE coolers.  MD06 Series thermoelectric coolers have larger BiTe pellets cross-section, and higher cooling capacity, which is additionally increased by 35%  with HD pellets placement technology.

General update - Thermoelectric Coolers of MD06 Series

Jan 26th 2018

Introducing the updated thermoelectric coolers of 3MDC group -  three-stage TEC with "Out-of-Pyramide" concept.  Comparing with classical "pyramidal" shape among regular multistage TECs these 3MDC TECs have cubic shape with the same dimensions of cold and hot sides.  3MDC thermoelectric coolers are optimal for detector applications, especially for detector arrays.

General update - "Out-of-Pyramide" TE Coolers

Jan 30th 2018

General update - 1MDL06 Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers of MX type have a mix of serial and parallel commutation between pellets inside.  This allows to revise TEC current and voltage parameters for applications with limitation in power supply.  In case of 2-stage TECs MX type commutation allows to enlarge TEC cold side and increase the mechanical stability of second stage by adding more pellets.

Feb 12th 2018

General update -  MX type Thermoelectric Coolers

Thermoelectric coolers of ML07 Series are the direct analogs of ML06 types by geometry, but have extra 35-40% reserve in cooling capacity for applications with heavy heatload.  Depending on application, TEC higher cooling capacity may improve TEC coefficient of performance (C.O.P.) in the application and help to reduce power consumption.  ML07 TECs are recommended for applications with "Butterfly" and DIL packages.

Feb 27th 2018

General update -  ML07 Thermoelectric Coolers

Advanced 2-stage thermoelectric coolers of 2MDX Series are based on HD assembly technology and have a mix of serial and parallel commutation between pellets inside.  2MDX TE coolers are optimal for various sensing applications where 2-stage TEC cooling performance and enlarged cold side are required.

Mar 08th 2018

General update -  advanced 2MDX type Thermoelectric Coolers

The "External Cooling" solution with thermoelectric coolers having a center hole brings the benefits of thermoelectric cooling in LD applications with traditionally uncooled devices, especially for standard laser diodes in TO-46, TO-56 or TO-9 headers. Being equipped with a center-hole TEC such LD obtain advanced wavelength stability and improved performance in existing form-factor.

Apr 18th 2018

Center-hole Thermoelectric Coolers and "External Cooling" with TECs

Annual TEC Reliability Testing Programm is finished.  All TE Cooler Series, provided by TEC Microsystems GmbH, have been qualified basing on Telcordia GR-468-Core Standard.  

8 months of extensive reliability testing program, more than 1200 thermoelectric coolers have been used.  All tests have been passed successfully.  The results of the finished qualification testing program confirm that the TECs provided by TEC Microsystems GmbH fully meet the reliability requirements to thermoelectric cooling modules for optoelectronic applications, established by the Standard Telcordia GR-468-CORE.

May 17th 2018

TEC Reliability testing and Qualification by Telcordia GR-468

TEC Microsystems GmbH successfully finished the transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015 Standard.  This internationally recognised standard  ensures services and products meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system.  ISO9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to provide  high-quality and consistent services for our customers and our investments in technology and developments.

The copy of ISO9001:2015 certificate is available by request.

May 18th 2018

TEC Microsystems GmbH is ISO9001:2015 certified

Miniature thermoelectric generators harvest waste heat and convert it to usable output DC power. Miniature size and hight heat-to-power conversion ratio make thermoelectric micro-generators perfect to power stand-alone wireless sensors, wireless sensor networks or wearable devices. Miniature thermoelectric generators provide  battery-free, long-life time maintenance-free power supply solutions for various application areas.  TEC Microsystems GmbH introduces the range of standard and advanced miniature thermoelectric generators.

Sep 14th 2018

Miniature Thermoelectric Generators - general update

Miniature Thermoelectric Generators

Dec 14th 2018

MD02 Series update - Ultra-small bulk technology TECs

Damp Heat Test 85/85 is relatively new testing requirement for thermoelectric coolers.  The purpose of Damp Heat Test is to determine the ability of the thermoelectric coolers to withstand the effect of long-term penetration of humidity.  Thermoelectric modules are subjected to temperature +85°C and relative humidity 85%RH for 1000 hours in a climatic chamber.  Damp Heat Test proves the ability of TECs with a protective coating to withstand the effect of long-term penetration of humidity in un-sealed applications without a controlled environment.

Jan 25th 2019

Damp Heat Test 85/85 for Thermoelectric Coolers - Reliability Report update

TEC Microsystems GmbH introduces thermoelectric coolers modification and optimization ways with a "header-free" concept.  It allows to simplify the packaging solutions, reduce costs in end product volume manufacturing and simplify the assembly processes for applications  with TECs.  The main focus is on low heatload applications like VCSELs, APD Arrays and IR- detectors with temperature stabilization required.

March 26th 2019

"Header-free" Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions - advanced TEC optimization methods

TEC Microsystems GmbH additionally to standard sub-assemblies with TECs offers CNC machining and customized mechanical parts development services to simplify and optimize the development process on customer side.  Professional high-precision CNC machining from materials like Kovar, CRS, Stainless Steel, Copper or Aluminium. Quick 3D modeling, fast turnaround and Ni or Au finish plating are available.

April 08th 2019

CNC Processing Service - solutions for quick prototyping and production

TEC Microsystems GmbH re-launched TEC On-Line Search Assistant with the new database.  More than 2000 standard thermoelectric coolers are available for quick search by key dimensions and parameters.  Specify your required thermoelectric cooler dimensions and/or key performance parameters, and get the list of most suitable TEC types immediately.

May 27th 2019

TEC On-Line Search Assistant update - quick search among 2000 standard TEC types

TEC Microsystems introduces a new range of ultra-small multistage thermoelectric coolers.  Based on Advanced HD Assembly Technology, these TECs provide the same cooling performance level as regular types but have up to 8(!) times smaller volume dimensions.  Considerably smaller TEC size allows to switch to a smaller form factor for a final product, reduce passive heatload from convection in times, optimize construction size, weight and power consumption.

June 18th 2019

Multistage TECs evolution - next level of thermoelectric coolers miniaturization

Being a developer and provider of miniature thermoelectric modules based on bulk BiTe material, TEC Microsystems works with the best specialists in BiTe material manufacturing. After successful updates and expanding BiTe material manufacturing capabilities, we're glad to use hot-extruded BiTe material in ingots with the thermoelectric and mechanical properties optimally selected for miniature thermoelectric modules.

July 19th 2019

Hot-extruded BiTe Material

TEC Microsystems updated all thermoelectric cooler datasheets.  To make the optimal TEC finding easier, we provide our datasheets now with a concept "one TEC - one datasheet". There is no grouping or general parametric drawings.  Each datasheet has a detailed drawing related to the exact thermoelectric cooler type and extended information about TEC performance and manufacturing options.

Dec 04th 2019

Thermoelectric Coolers Datasheets update

DX2625 is a high-efficient self-contained thermoelectric generator unit with integrated DC-DC converter.  Compact size and high-performance TEG conversion ratio - the device is perfect as a stand-alone maintenance-free power supply for wireless sensors and networks (WSN).   Modular construction, easy to mount design and up to 20mW real power output in natural convection conditions make DX2625 perfect also for LED lightning and battery charging applications.

DX2625 - High-performance Mini TEG Energy Harvester

May 05th 2020

DX2625 Thermoelectric Generator Block with DC-DC converter

Thermoelectric coolers from the new 1MA10 Series are the fusion of the most advanced manufacturing technologies. The primary and crucial advantage is in solid Aluminium plates instead of traditional ceramics in TEC construction. Aluminium instead of ceramics is the key innovative approach in TEC manufacturing with entirely new horizons opened. Aluminium is easy to machine. It has much better thermal conductivity than ceramics. And it matches ideally by CTE with Aluminium heatsinks - simply perfect combination for any applications with long-term temperature cycling - especially PCR cyclers (DNA analysis), POC (Point-of-Care) and LOC (Lab-on-Chip) medical diagnostic machines.

Light Metals for Heavy Heatload - new Thermoelectric Coolers with Aluminium plates

June 23rd 2020

Aluminium Thermoelectric Coolers tested to 1M cycles

TEC Microsystems extended and updated 1MD02 TEC Series with new thermoelectric coolers and new detailed datasheets. Thermoelectric coolers from 1MD02 Series are the smallest by dimensions and mainly applied in various telecom applications, mostly TO-can cooled TOSA. With TEC dimensions starting from 0.5x0.5mm2, low operating current and advanced cooling power 1MD02 TECs are perfect for temperature stabilization of laser diodes in TO-46/56/60 form factors. More than 150 TEC types with detailed datasheets are available now in the standard range.

General update of 1MD02 TEC Series - new TEC types and new detailed datasheets

Oct 10th 2020

1MA10 TEC Series is updated with new thermoelectric coolers with dimensions optimal for PCR cycling (DNA cyclers), Point-of-care (POC) and Lab-on-Chip (LOC) medical diagnostic applications.  Multiple new unique thermoelectric coolers are available with dimensions 13x36mm2, 16x36mm2, 20x40mm2 and 30x30mm2.  1MA10 TECs have up to 30W/cm2 cooling power density.  A single TEC's cooling capacity can now reach an impressive 280W (Qmax) level for a 30x30mm2 thermoelectric cooler.

1MA10 "Aluminium" TEC Series update - new TECs for PCR, POC and LOC medical applications

Aluminium Thermoelectric Coolers tested to 1M cycles

Jan 22nd 2021

DX4091 uses a unique and innovative methodic to test a single BiTe pellet (post). With DX4091 it is possible to test the parameters of BiTe pellets and understand the actual properties of future thermoelectric coolers assembled with these pellets - before TEC assembly. DX4091 is the professional analysis instrument mainly for thermoelectric modules manufacturers and R&D specialists, but not TEC consumers. DX4091 is designed for the express analysis of TEC key components - BiTe pellets.

DX4091 Z-METER for single BiTe pellets testing - new QC device with innovative methodic

DX4091 - BiTe pellets testing device

March 18th 2021

Customized Au patterns - such modification of TEC is becoming more and more popular.  Au pattern on TEC cold side simplifies the mounting of electronic components. The direct mounting of the components on TEC ceramics improves thermal design and reduces response time in temperature regulation. It saves time, money and brings hi-tech into the product design. This short review describes our features and design rules for the customized Au patterns development and integration on thermoelectric coolers.

Customized Au patterns on TEC ceramics or separate substrates -  overview and design rules

Customized Au patterns on thermoelectric coolers ceramics

September 21st 2021

The 1ML06 series thermoelectric coolers are most often found in laser applications that use  "Butterfly" or DIL-type housings.  The optimized TEC shape, balanced cooling performance and power consumption and excellent price-performance ratio make these thermoelectric coolers widely used in laser applications.  We introduce an update to our 1ML06 series with new detailed specifications for standard TEC solutions as well as dozens of new types.

1ML06 Thermoelectric Cooler Series - major update with hundreds new TEC datasheets

May 24th 2022

1ML06 Series thermoelectric coolers - optimal solutions for 'Butterfly' and DIL packages

1ML07 TECs are all the direct analogs of ML06 TEC Series by geometry but have an extra 35-40% cooling capacity reserve for applications with larger heatload. The modified ratio between pellets' cross-section and height allows improved COP and a height matching of the TEC for applications with precise optical axes alignment. We introduce an update to our 1ML07 series with detailed thermoelectric cooler specifications for standard solutions and dozens of new TEC types. More than 300 detailed TEC datasheets are available.

1ML07 Thermoelectric Cooler Series - major update with hundreds new TEC datasheets

Sep 15th 2022

1ML07 Series Thermoelectric coolers - 40% higher cooling capacity

Center-hole TECs are optimal for applications with already sealed objects and/or packages with limited space inside. The "external cooling" method with TEC brings all the advantages of thermal regulation to some traditionally uncooled devices, especially LD in TO-46, TO-59 and TO-9 packages. The "External thermoelectric cooling" method allows it to reach superior wavelength stability and increase performance in cost-effective LD applications. New TEC types and detailed datasheets are available.

Thermoelectric Coolers with center-hole - major update with dozens of new TEC datasheets

Thermoelectric coolers with central hole - 'external' cooling for TO-style form factor

Oct 31th 2022

TEC Microsystems has created a subsidiary and is moving the production of thermoelectric coolers to Georgia. Moving production to Georgia will allow us to continue uninterrupted shipments, keep prices competitive, simplify import process and reduce import duties for our customers.  The entire standard range of TEC Microsystems thermoelectric modules is available now with the "developed in Germany, made in Georgia" concept.

Thermoelectric Coolers made in Georgia - making things easier

Thermoelectric coolers manufactured in Georgia

Nov 24th 2022

MX Thermoelectric Coolers major update - detailed datasheets and new TEC types

Feb 17th 2023

2-stage thermoelectric coolers with enlarged cold side

Qualification of the 1MA10 Series thermoelectric "Aluminium" coolers according to Telcordia GR-468 has been successfully completed.  The 1MA10 TEC Series is an innovative solution that uses full-metal aluminum plates instead of traditional ceramic plates in TEC construction.The extensive qualification  confirmed the full compliance of the innovative "Aluminium" TECs with Telcordia GR-468 requirements.  And in the case of temperature cycling reliability, the results far exceeded the requirements of the standard.  A full detailed reliability report is available upon request (subject to NDA).

1MA10 "Aluminium" TEC Series is succesfully qualified by Telcordia GR-468 Standard

March 14th 2023

Aluminium thermoelectric coolers - TECs with Aluminium plates instead of traditional ceramics

A major update has been made to the Sub-assemblies web section. The product line of thermoelectric sub-assemblies on TO-46 headers has been updated. Dozens of thermoelectric coolers on industry standard TO-46 headers are available. Solutions with 5 and 6pins TO-46 header with TEC cold side up to 1.2x1.9mm2. New TEC types are available.

Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-46 Headers - TE Sub-assemblies web update

July 24th 2023

TO-46 Headers with integrated thermoelectric coolers

Introducing a new range of aluminum thermoelectric modules with holes for external cooling.  New Aluminium TEC solutions and unique customization possibilities.  Check our new center-hole thermoelectric coolers or the unique “under-Butterfly” TEC for external temperature stabilization and LD reliability testing. Detailed TEC datasheets are available.

Aluminium Thermoelectric Coolers with holes - unique solutions for "external cooling" with TEC

TO-46 Headers with integrated thermoelectric coolers

Nov 16th 2023

Aluminium thermoelectric coolers for external cooling of &quotButterfly" 14pinAluminium thermoelectric coolers for external cooling of &quotButterfly" 14pinAluminium thermoelectric coolers with holes for LD in TO-style headersAluminium thermoelectric coolers - single center-hole or multi-hole configurationsAluminium thermoelectric coolers with holes - advanced customization and manufacturing options