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Thermoelectric Sub-Assembly (TE Cooler mounted on header)


Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies


In a large number of applications thermoelectric modules are incorporated into packages or mounted on headers. Our core competence is to provide a fully tested thermoelectric sub-assembly (TEC mounted on a header), minimizing this way the risk of possible TEC damaging during mounting process for our customers. Our specialists professionally solder the thermoelectric cooler on standard headers / packages or in housings provided by the customer. TECs will undergo testing twice - before and after mounting. This increases the reliability of your final product, saves time and money.

Our service starts from trial volumes for fast prototyping up to high volume production. During product development we analyse the application and provide the most optimal TEC solution.

The term “thermoelectric sub-assembly” means a thermoelectric cooler mounted into standard or customized package.  Thermoelectric sub-assembly is a perfect solution for fast and easy integrating into final application. There is a range of industry standard headers and packages, that are usually used with thermoelectric coolers. TEC Microsystems provides the range of thermoelectric solutions based on most common headers and packages. Thermoelectric coolers are mounted by high-quality soldering process with strict QC control. The process is flux-free and made in vacuum environment. All the sub-assemblies pass 100% quality control.



◻︎ Reduce risks and expenses on Customer side

◻ Significant time saving for projects

◻ Simplify TECs and headers supply issues

◻ Perfect solution for R&D with trial quantities

◻ High quality soldering of TECs to headers

◻ Advanced RoHS high-temperature soldering

◻ Wide range of manufacturing options     

◻ 100% quality control

TO-39 Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers on TO-39 headers)


TO-8 Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers on TO-8 headers)
TO-66 Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers on TO-66 headers)
TO-3 Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers on TO-3 headers)
TO-822 Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers on TO-822 headers)
HHL Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers in High Heat Load packages)



World widest range of miniature thermoelectric coolers for Laser and Optoelectronics Applications. There are more than 5000 different types of thermoelectric coolers available. Cold sides range from 1 x 1 mm² to 18 x 18 mm²,  dTmax - from 70°C in single stage up to 130°C in multi-stage configurations (specified at 27°C, vacuum).

TEC Microsystems GmbH Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source (TTRS) sub-assemblies provide a temperature-controllable, uniform-temperature, high-emissivity surface used in calibrating infrared (IR) detector arrays and FLIR systems.

The Basics. Quick introduction to the world of thermoelectric coolers with key facts about TECs to know, the basics for a proper understanding. The illustrated, simple-to-understand article about key thermeoelectric coolers terms and aspects.

Thermoelectric coolers mounting (TECs integrating into Customer packages)
Customized Thermoelectric Sub-aasemblies (analysis, developmemt, manufacturing
DIL (Dual-in-Line) Sub-Assemblies (TE Coolers in DIL packages)