TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies
Thermoelectric Coolers in 'Butterfly' packages
Thermoelectric Coolers in Dual-in-Line packages
Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-46 headers

In many applications, thermoelectric modules are incorporated into packages or mounted on headers. Our core competence is to provide a thoroughly tested thermoelectric sub-assembly (TEC mounted on a header), minimizing the risk of possible TEC damaging during the mounting process for our customers. Our specialists professionally solder the thermoelectric cooler on standard headers/packages or in housings provided by the customer. TECs are tested twice - before and after mounting. Double-check increases the reliability of your final product, saves time and money.

Our service starts from trial volumes for fast prototyping to high volume production. During product development, we analyze the application and provide the most optimal TEC solution.

“Thermoelectric sub-assembly” means a thermoelectric cooler mounted into a standard or customized package. Thermoelectric sub-assembly is a perfect solution for fast and easy integration into the final application. There is a range of industry-standard headers and packages usually used with thermoelectric coolers. TEC Microsystems provides thermoelectric solutions based on the most common headers and packages. Thermoelectric coolers are mounted by a high-quality soldering process with strict QC control. The process is flux-free and made in a vacuum environment. All the sub-assemblies pass 100% quality control.



◻︎ Reduced risks and expenses on Customer side

◻ Significant time savings for projects

◻ Simplified TECs and headers supply chain

◻ Perfect solutions for R&D with trial quantities

◻ High quality soldering of TECs to headers

◻ Advanced RoHS high-temperature soldering

◻ Wide range of manufacturing options     

◻ 100% quality TE Sub-Assemblies control

TO-39 TE Sub-Assemblies

TO-style header with 6 or 8 pins and 3.2x3.2mm2 open space for TE cooler integrating.  Common both for LD and detector applications.

TO-66 TE Sub-Assemblies

TO-style analog of TO-8 with side flanges for easier mounting.  Available space for TEC is around   5 x 5mm2.  Suitable for single- and multistage thermoelectric coolers.

Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-39 headers
Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-8 headers
Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-66 headers
Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-3 headers

TO-822 TE Sub-Assemblies

TO-style alternative to TO-3 header with enlarged open space for TE cooler.  Up to 12 x 12mm2 open space for thermoelectric cooler integrating.

Thermoelectric Coolers on TO-822 headers
Thermoelectric Coolers in Flatpack packages

Dual-in-Line Sub-Assemblies

"Pins down" rectangular packages with a large open area for TEC and up to 72pins.  Common solutions for CMOS and CCD detectors with active TE cooling.

Thermoelectric Coolers in HHL packages

"Butterfly"  Sub-Assemblies

Analogs of ML06 TECs, single-stage  TE coolers with extra 35-40% cooling capacity reserve for DWDM projects. Elongated shape for typical 14pin "Butterfly" or DIL packages.

Thermoelectric sub-aasemblies with high-emissivity surface for IR devices calibration
Customized package solutions with integrated thermoelectric cooling

TTRS Sub-Assemblies

Special solutions for IR applications. Thermoelectric sub-assembly is additionally equipped with a high-emissivity, thermally uniform emitting surface and a temperature sensor.  Provided as hermetically opened OEM sub-assemblies.

TE Coolers integrating into Customer packages

TEC Mounting Services

TEC mounting services in customer packages with RoHS compliant high-temperature soldering and 100% quality control.

Customized Sub-Assemblies

Customized solutions development, headers and packages with related thermoelectric cooling solutions in accordance to customer requirements.  CNC machining services are available by request.

HHL TE Sub-Assemblies

Classical High Heat Load (HHL) 9pin packages for laser applications.  Suitable for applications with powerful TECs and large amount of heat to spread away.

Flatpack TE Sub-Assemblies

Large family of flatpack style packages with 10 to 72 pins, optimal for detector arrays or similar application with thermoelectric cooler and large number of pins required.  

TO-46 TE Sub-Assemblies

One of the smallest TO-style headers with about 1.2 x 2.3mm2 open space for thermoelectric cooler.  Ideal for low-power LD applications like VCSEL.

TO-8 TO Sub-Assemblies

One of the most common TO-style headers, optimal for IR- and X-Ray applications.  Up to 8.6 x 8.6mm2 open space for TEC integrating.  Single- and multistage TEC solutions.

TO-3 TE Sub-Assemblies

Relatively large TO-style header mainly for powerful LD applications. Large contact area for better heat spreading, open space for TEC integrating is about 8x8mm2  .

Mounting Services

TE Cooles integrating


Customized Headers

with thermopelectric coolers

TO-style Headers

with thermopelectric coolers

Box-like Packages

with thermopelectric coolers