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Innovative Aluminium thermoelectric coolers

Solid-state heat pumps, thermoelectric modules, thermoelectric coolers, Peltier elements or simply TECs - all these names refer to a device based on the Peltier effect. TEC Microsystems GmbH offers the world's most comprehensive range of miniature thermoelectric coolers for laser and optoelectronics applications. There are more than 5000 various types of thermoelectric coolers available. Cold sides range from 1x1mm² to 18x18 mm² in most cases, dTmax - from 70°C in single stage up to 130°C in multi-stage configurations (specified at 27°C, vacuum).

Depending on size and performance, all TE coolers are divided into several general Series. Please, select the Series below for detailed info and a list of standard thermoelectric cooler types. There are more than 5000 different TE coolers in our manufacturing range, about 2000 standard thermoelectric coolers, and more than 3000 various modifications and customized solutions. We recommend submitting a request to get a quick reply with the optimal TEC type for your application.


◻︎ Dimensions: 1.0x1.0mm2 .. 18x18mm2

◻ Single- and Multistage TE Coolers

◻ Up to 40W per cm2 cooling power density

◻ Regular and HD assembly technologies

◻ Advanced Bi-Te material properties

◻ RoHS compliant

◻ Laser Diodes and Superluminescent Diodes

◻ X-Ray and IR- Sensors

◻ Photodetectors and Photomultipliers     

◻ Avalanche Photodiodes (APD)

◻ Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)

◻ Charge Couple Devices (CCD)

MC06 Series

Classical miniature thermoelectric coolers, single- and multistage types, based on regular assembly technology.

ML06 Series

Single-stage only TE coolers for DWDM projects. Elongated shape to fit into typical 14pin "Butterfly" or DIL packages.

MD03 Series

Advanced miniature single- and multistage thermoelectric coolers with Advanced HD pellets placement technology.

MDL06 Series

Advanced TECs with HD Technology, the analogs of ML06 Series, single-stage TECs with up to 100% higher cooling capacity, optimized for DWDM packages.

MDX Group

Special 2-stage thermoelectric coolers with HD technology, increased cooling capacity and large cold side for detector applications.

MDD Group

Very special thermoelectric cooling solutions with Ultra-HD pellets placement technology, the highest possible TEC cooling power density.

MDC Group

"Out-of-pyramide" advanced 3-stage thermoelectric coolers with the same size of top and bottom ceramics.

MX Group

Special thermoelectric coolers with a mixed serial-parallel connection between pellets inside, optimal current-voltage ratio.

MD10 Series

The "heavy-duty" TECs, these analogs of MC10 Series by dimensions have up to 100% higher cooling capacity.

MD02 Series

Ultra-miniature single-stage TE coolers with Super-HD pellets placement technology, ideal for TOSA applications.

MC10 Series

Powerful thermoelectric coolers, the largest types among our standard miniature TEC solutions. Single- and multistage TECs.

thermoelectric coolers MC06 TEC Series

MC04 Series

Classical miniature thermoelectric coolers, single- and multistage types, based on regular assembly technology.

thermoelectric coolers MC04 Series
thermoelectric coolers MD10 TEC Series

TE Coolers with holes

The group of thermoelectric coolers with single of multiple holes for "external cooling" - optimal for applications with TO-46, TO-56, TO-9 headers.

single-stage thermoelectric coolers for DWDM applications
Miniature thermoelectric coolers 1MD02 Series
Miniature thermoelectric coolers MD03 Series
heavy-duty thermoelectric coolers with high cooling capacity
thermoelectric coolers for DWDM packages
2-stage thermoelectric coolers for X-Ray detectors
2-stage thermoelectric coolers with enlarged cold side
3-stage thermoelectric coolers with enlarged cold side
thermoelectric coolers with ultra-high density pellets placement
thermoelectric coolers with holes

1MA10 Aluminium TECs

Unique fusion of thermoelectric cooler assembly technologies - TECs with Aluminium plates instead of ceramics.  More than 100W of cooling power, 30W/cm2.

Miniature thermoelectric coolers

MD06 Series

Advanced powerful miniature single- and multistage thermoelectric coolers with HD pellets placement technology.

MD04 Series

Miniature thermoelectric coolers with HD (high-density) pellets placement technology, single- and multistage types.

thermoelectric coolers from MD04 TEC Series
thermoelectric coolers from 1MD06 TEC Series

ML07 Series

Direct analogs of ML06 TEC Series by dimensions, single-stage  TE coolers with extra 35-40% cooling capacity reserve for DWDM projects.

thermoelectric coolers 1ML07 TEC Series



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The desctiption of patented TEC nomenclature system


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our standard thermoelectric coolers

Customized TEC development

Customized thermoelectric coolers development is our specialty. From slight modification of existing TECs to a complete development of entirely new thermoelectric coolers.

customized thermoelectric coolers development


◻︎ Dimensions: 9.0x9.0mm2 .. 20x40mm2

◻ Metal Aluminium plates instead of ceramics

◻ Specially optimized for cycling applications

◻ Up to 30W per cm2 cooling power density

◻ HD assembly technology

◻ Advanced Bi-Te material properties

◻ RoHS compliant

◻ PCR cycling machines (thermal cyclers)

◻ Point-of-care (POC) systems  

◻ Lab-on-Chip (LOC)  diagnostics devices

◻ Heavy-heatload applications

◻ Chillers for Semiconductor Industry

◻ Advanced TEC customization & developments


Advanced miniature thermoelectric coolers. More than 5000 different TEC types.Ultra-compact, high performance thermoelectric coolers for telecom applications (transceivers and TOSA)Unique miniature multi-stage thermoelectric coolers.  4-stage TE coolers that fit TO-8 headers by size.In-depth modifications and developments of headerless thermoelectric coolers for VCSEL applications, IR and X-ray detectors.Thermoelectric assemblies - TE coolers mounted on standard headers with thermistors and additional application-specific modifications.Advanced miniaturization technologies for single and multistage thermoelectric coolers.  Up to 8x smaller size with the same cooling performance.Custom Au patterns development on thermoelectric cooler ceramics or separate ceramic substratesUnique aluminum thermoelectric coolers with metal plates instead of traditional ceramics. High performance TE coolers for cycling applications, tested to 1M cycles.Advanced thermoelectric coolers for PCR applications.  All-in-one thermoelectric cycles with probe holders and integrated temperature sensors.TEC Microsystems GmbH  - advanced miniature thermoelectric solutions.  We create TECs.