TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies


TEC Microsystems announces to continue usage of the unique numbering system for thermoelectric coolers licensed from its creator and owner of intellectual property  - Dr. Gennadi Gromov.

As the only authorized licensee TEC Microsystems will apply the numbering system to all designs and developments of thermoelectric modules in the upcoming new thermoelectric coolers catalog.

The "System of  Numbering of Thermoelectric Modules"©  was developed in 1994 and copyrighted in 2004 by Dr. Gennadi Gromov (REF: Registration#7643 of 31st August 2004, Russian Copyright Association.)

Dr. Gennadi Gromov is the key inventor and founder of RMT Ltd., who left RMT in 2016.

Thermoelectric coolers nomenclature system