TEC Microsystems - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and Sub-Assemblies

TEC Microsystems GmbH with already ten years of experience in thermoelectric coolers analysis, development and manufacturing setup offers the unique service - direct testing of TEC performance parameters, quality level and power consumption in operating conditions. All TEC performance parameters can be analyzed and measured directly. The analysis is made with specially developed professional TEC testing system - DX8020 TEC Expert (available also for ordering).

DX8020 combines direct TEC performance parameters testing and measuring parameters of thermoelectric single-stage and multistage modules. Testing process with DX8020 allows to check the following parameters:


Measured Parameter 


TE module temperature difference versus electric current at zero heat load 


TE module maximum temperature difference at zero heat load 


Electric current at which ∆Tmax is achieved 


TE module electric voltage versus electric current at zero heat load 


Electric voltage at which ∆Tmax is achieved 


TE module temperature difference versus heat load available at electric current fixed (loaded plots)


Maximum heat load capacity at Imax (∆T=0) 


Actual TEC Power consumption under specified heatload Q0


Actual TEC ∆T level under specified conditions (ambience/heatload)


TE module Figure-of-Merit 


TE module electric resistance 


TE module time constant at 0.01Imax 


Average Seebeck coefficient of TE material 


Average electric conductivity of TE material 


TEC testing with DX8020 provides automatic capability to measure full specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions. It’s intended for acceptance, qualification and research testing of TE coolers.

The direct analysis is made on anonymous base, TEC vendor names are not required for testing. TEC Microsystems laboratory makes the analysis on “Sample A, Sample B” basis. There are three types of direct TEC testing service provided by TEC Microsystems:

     1.     Standard tests, simple TEC verification - direct testing of actual TEC performance level (max parameters), comparison with TEC vendor estimations/datasheet values.

     2.     Expert mode tests - detailed TEC analysis with direct performance and power consumption testing in operating conditions, specified by customer.

     3.     Advanced comparison analysis of multiple TECs, optimal solution finding - direct testing of several provided samples to find the most optimal one, comparison of the performance level and power consumption at specified operating conditions.

Expert mode and advanced comparison testing includes also TEC material and performance analysis - direct measurement of pellets material Electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient. 

TEC Microsystems direct TEC testing services save time and budget for TEC consumers, solve the disputable situations about different testing results and help to understand the actual TEC performance level. Professional analysis with high-end laboratory equipment simplifies optimal TEC search and gives the precise and accurate results about real TEC performance level and power consumption.