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Equipment for thermoelectric modules operating and QC
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There are three main groups of equipment for thermoelectric applications -  TEC Drivers (for optimal  operating in applications),  Z-Meters for express TEC analysis (required for QC and R&D) and Expert systems (for deep R&D analysis, TE coolers or generators performance estimations and technology review).

TEC Microsystems provides the full range of high-end equipment for thermoelectric applications - from OEM TEC controllers for integrating into Customer device to complex R&D systems for thermoelectric manufacturers and scientists.

Additionally to standard available equipment TEC Microsystems provides special device developments and customizations for Customer application.  

Z-Meters are the instruments for express TEC analysis and quality control. The devices measure directly three key TEC parameters: AC Resistance, Figure-of-Merit and Time Constant. The combination of these three parameters gives the detailed  info about TEC performance and conditions.

Z-Meters are necessary for detailed quality control of thermoelectric coolers, cause they allow quickly identify most of typical problems that may happen with TECs in manufacturing or handling process.

There are three versions of Z-Meter device: DX4095 Mini for small projects and R&D, DX4090 for mid-size batch applications and DX4190 - multiposition Z-Meter for TEC manufacturers or volume TEC consumers.  

Thermoelectric Controllers of DX5100 family represent a range of precision-programmed devices (standard and OEM versions) for management of thermoelectric coolers (TECs, Peltier modules). DX5100 Controllers have a bi-directional (heating and cooling) PID regulation with AUTO-TUNE function. Besides the PID regulation additional modes of operation are available: DC voltage mode, T-regulation and programming. DX5100 allows maintaining a given temperature of a thermoelectric (TE) cooler with high accuracy or programming heating and cooling in time. The unique diagnostics function for thermoelectric cooler is realized in the device. The diagnostics includes the measurement of the TEC AC resistance, TEC figure-of-merit and Time Constant.

Complex R&D systems for TE Modules and materials precise analysis and estimations. Unique measurement devices with  automatic capability to measure FULL specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions.

TEC Microsystems provides all necessary equipment for deep, thermoelectric coolers analysis and acceptance tests, qualification and research testing of TE modules.

The following  key technology systems are available for TEM manufacturers and R&D centers:

- TEC Expert for TECs analysis;

- TEM Probe for bulk thermoelectric materials analysis;

- TEM Expert for BiTe pellets properties research;

- TE Generators Development Kit for energy harvesting application analysis.