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Starting from 2013 TEC Microsystems GmbH provides analysis, development and solutions in the seminal field of Small Scale Energy Harvesting.

The existing experience and advanced technologies developed allow to manufacture efficient miniature thermoelectric generators for small scale energy harvesting. Miniature thermoelectric generators harvest waste heat and convert it to usable output DC power. Miniature size and hight heat-to-power conversion ratio make thermoelectric micro-generators perfect to power stand-alone wireless sensors, wireless sensor networks or wearable devices. Miniature thermoelectric generators provide may battery-free, long-life time maintenance-free power supply solutions for many application areas.

Thermoelectric harvesting is considered a key component for many future technological applications, like wireless sensor networks, multi-purpose self-organising autonomous (micro-)systems, Industry 4.0+ components and many others. There is a number of key features and advantages of thermoelectric micro-generators: small sizes, simple scalability; no moving parts, very long operational lifetime – tens of years without maintenance. And the most unique property – the possibility to convert heat into electricity starting from very low temperature difference, just few degrees.

With existing achievements and high-performance bulk technology thermoelectric materials each couple inside thermoelectric unit generates 400uV/K, which is almost twice more than widely advertised thin-film technology thermoelectric generators.

Now it’s possible to create really miniature generators to provide milliwatts of electrical power from just a few degrees of temperature difference and up to several watts at higher dT level. The latest assembly technology achievements allow to manufacture micro-generators as thin as 0.6 - 0.7mm by height.

Fig. 1 - Miniature TE Generator example, 16x16mm2

Fig. 2 - Thermoelectric Micro-Generator

suitable for example for hand watches

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