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TEC Microsystems GmbH is the official European distributor of Advanced Technology Group company, USA-based manufacturer of high-quality glass-to-metal sealed packages (GTMS), know as well as hybrid packages. TEC Microsystems provides the full range of ATG hybrid and microelectronic packages developed for technology-based industries operating around the world. ATG glass to metal seal products can be found literally from the ocean floor to deep space, with applications in the electronics, aerospace, defence, and communications industries. Common to our customers’ requirements is the need for compact, ultra-efficient design, perfect function and absolute reliability. ATG’s glass to metal seal packages are used in aerospace, automotive, resource exploration, and telecommunications industry.

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Hybrid and Microelectronic Headers and Packages








Transistor Outlines (TO) are classic packages that are  being used in many today’s applications. Wide stock of raw material is available with have very quick turnaround times on standard sizes and layouts.

Flatpackage (FP) - rectangular or square packages with leads parallel to base plane attached on two opposing sides of the package periphery. Widely used for Integrated Circuits (IC) in many industrial applications.

Dual-in-Line (DIL or DIP) packages - the most common through-hole IC packages. Package has two parallel rows of pins extending perpendicularly out of a quad or rectangular metal housing.

Packages that operate at higher frequencies and are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

These packages are a subgroup of the Dual-in-Line header family of packages. They typically have fewer pins in specific standard locations and may have have special plating requirements.

These packages serve the needs of customers from the fiber optic industry. The solutions are based on Flatpacks or Dual-in-Line package equipped with a fiber output. Various configurations are available.