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Founded in 2007, the Hi-Tech company TEC Microsystems GmbH is based in the prominent Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, Germany. Thermoelectric technologies are our core competence based on almost a decade of analysis, innovative development, product design and successful projects in this field.

Specialized in miniature thermoelectric modules (Peltier elements), TEC Microsystems GmbH is a driver of innovation and technological progress, including state-of-the-art analysis techniques. Our worldwide customers operate in key industries like optoelectronics, telecom, micro-electronics, space, medical equipment/health care, security systems, small-scale green energy harvesting and fundamental research. All thermoelectric modules and related products are designed and developed in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Berlin, Germany.


Devices for thermoelectric coolers express Quality Control, TEC performance and conditions testing

TTRS Sub-Assemblies

Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies with integrated TTRS unit and Thermistor for IR applications

TEC Controllers (Drivers)

Precise programmable thermoelectric controllers (TEC drivers) with PID Auto-tune function

Optical Power Meters

Precise and accurate thermoelectric laser power meters

Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies - thermoelectric coolers on headers
Miniature thermoelectric generators for small-scale green energy harvesting
Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors with ultra-high sensitivity
Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers
Z-Meters - devices for thermoelectric coolers express quality control
TTRS components - thermoelectric sub-assemblies for IR applications
Precise programmable thermoelectric controllers (TEC drivers) with PID Auto-tune function
Special equipment for deep analysis of thermoelectric coolers and materials

R&D Equipment

Special laboratory equipment for deep analysis of TECs and TE materials

TEC Integrating Services

Thermoelectric coolers optimization and integrating into Customer design

Thermoelectric Optical/Laser Power Meters
Thermoelectric Coolers mounting and integrating into customer desing
TEC Microsystems GmbH - Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers and related products



Ultra high-sensitive miniature TE Heat Flux Sensors with patented self-calibration



Advanced Miniature Thermoelectric Generators for Small Scale Green Energy Harvesting



Thermoelectric Coolers mounted on industry standard or customized headers and packages



More than 2000 standard TE coolers with a wide range of manufacturing options


Customized Au patterns - update

Sep 21st 2021

Customized Au patterns - such modification of TEC is becoming more and more popular. This short review describes our features and design rules.

DX4091 for single BiTe posts testing

March 18th 2021

Introducing DX4091 Z-Meter with a unique ability to test single BiTe pellets (posts). DX4091 is the new professional instrument for TEC manufacturers, R&D and QC specialists interested in thermoelectric material analysis.



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