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Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensor Technologies


The thermoelectric modules (TEMs) are used mainly for temperature stabilization - creating a temperature difference using electrical current (effect Peltier) . The opposite application method - heat transformation to electrical power (Seebeck effect) - one of technique for energy harvesting. However, there is a third application on the basis of Seebeck effect -  heat flux measuring.

The construction of thermoelectric module is similar to the differential thermocouple matrix - TEM is based on alternation of  pellets made from of two types (P- and N- types) of thermoelectric material, connected in chain. While thermocouple matrix uses two different metals, TE module consists of pellets of two types of Bi-Te semiconductor (P- and N- types).

The advantage of TEM over differential thermocouple is in much higher Seebeck effect (electromotive force), exactly because of semiconductor  usage. For example, in usual Copper-Constantan thermocouple the electromotive (EMF) is 38uV/K, while one BiTe P-N pellet pair provides EMF 400uV/K - ten times higher. This key advantage makes thermoelectric modules very perspective to use as heat flux sensors.

But the benefits in heat flux sensing applications were limited by relatively low integration level, thus low sensitivity. It was no more than 50-70 couples per 1cm2 for quite a long time. At such level TEM generates  low total electric signal in compare with differential thermocouples matrixes which have up to 1000 couple per 1cm2 . However the modern trends in TEMs miniaturization and new technologies allow to improve construction and increase the pellet density in times, up to 500-600 couples per 1cm2.  "Classical" TE modules, based on regular bulk process (BiTe pellets are cut from an ingot), have thermal EMF=400uV/K per couple. Thus, the key points of outstanding efficiency for heat flux sensing are big EMF and high density of pellet pairs in modern TEMs.

Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors HTx Series with integrated temperature sensor
SMD Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors HRx Series
Thermoelectric Heat Flux Sensors HFx Series


Standard solutions, quad shape, ultra-thin heat flux sensors w/o temperature sensors integrated. Self-calibrating patented method. 180cm FET cable with or without connector.

Thermoelectric heat flux sensors with integrated temperature sensor Pt1000. Round shape. Self-calibrating patented method. 180cm FET cable with or without connector.

SMD style miniature heat flux sensors for radiation heat flux measurements. Self-calibrating patented method. Suitable for flip-chip mounting, up to 260C processing temperature.

We work directly with engineering teams of our customers and provide advanced thermoelectric solutions optimized for exact application requirements. Our key advantages are in ultra-fast application analysis, wide range of thermoelectric coolers and flexibility with TECs manufacturing options. All thermoelectric modules and related products are designed and developed in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Berlin, Germany.

Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers



World widest range of miniature thermoelectric coolers for Laser and Optoelectronics Applications. There are more than 5000 different types of thermoelectric coolers available. Cold sides range from 1 x 1 mm² to 18 x 18 mm²,  dTmax - from 70°C in single stage up to 130°C in multi-stage configurations (specified at 27°C, vacuum).

Miniature Thermoelectric Generators

Starting from 2013 TEC Microsystems GmbH provides analysis, development and solutions in the seminal field of Small Scale Energy Harvesting. The existing experience and advanced technologies developed allow to manufacture efficient miniature thermoelectric generators for small scale energy harvesting. Miniature thermoelectric generators harvest waste heat and convert it to usable output DC power.

Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies (TE coolers insatlled on headers)

Thermoelectric Sub-assemblies - TE coolers mounted on headers and packages. Once thermoelectric coolers are anyway mounted on headers and packages, TEC Microsystems GmbH provides a range of solutions on standard TO- style headers and flat-pack packages. Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies simplify mounting and in integrating in application.



◻︎ Ultra-high sensitivity

◻ Miniature dimensions

◻ Self-calibration

◻ Built-in temperature sensor

◻ FET cable and connector

◻ Wide range of types

◻ Scientific analysis and research

◻ Agricalture

◻ Climathology     

◻ Building engineering

◻ Solar industry

◻ Safety and Security applications