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TEC Microsystems team consists of experts in a filed of advanced thermoelectric technologies. Unique technologies and know-how, patented material processing methods, unique analysis and R&D instruments allow us to provide the most optimal solutions to meet and exceed Customer expectations. We pride ourselves on being dedicated to providing superior customer service and quality products that are delivered on time.  Miniature thermoelectric coolers (TECs) are our main speciality and the core product, we have been spezializing in during recent 10 years. There are more than 5000 thermoelectric coolers types, developed by our specialists. TEC Microsystems product range is vertically integrated, and additionally to the core thermoelectric coolers we provide a range of  thermoelectric sub-assemblies, where TECs are mounted on standard or customized headers.

Thermoelectric Cooling Technologies


We work directly with engineering teams of our customers and provide advanced thermoelectric solutions optimized for exact application requirements. Our key advantages are in ultra-fast application analysis, wide range of thermoelectric coolers and flexibility with TECs manufacturing options.

All thermoelectric modules and related products are designed and developed in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Berlin, Germany.


Thermoelectric Coolers
Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies (TECs on headers)
Special thermoelectric solutions - TTRS (


Thermoelectric Cooling  - general terms


Thermoelectric Cooling Technologies

Miniature Thermoelectric Coolers



Thermoelectric Controllers of DX5100 family represents a range of precision-programmed devices (standard and OEM versions) for management of thermoelectric coolers (TECs, Peltier modules). DX5100 Controllers have a bi-directional (heating and cooling) PID regulation with PID Auto-Tune function.

Complex R&D systems for TE Modules and materials precise analysis and estimations. Unique measurement devices with  automatic capability to measure FULL specifications of a TE module at one measuring cycle in given ambient conditions. TEC Microsystems provides all necessary equipment for deep, thermoelectric coolers analysis and acceptance tests, qualification and research testing of TE modules.

Thermoelectric Sub-Assemblies (TE coolers insatlled on headers)

Thermoelectric coolers are the solid state devices with very long maintenance-free lifetime. However mounting procedures and/or improper handling may increase the risks of TEC damages. Peltier Z-Meters™ are the best solution for thermoelectric coolers express quality control and performance testing.



◻︎ TEC dimensions up to 16x16mm2

◻ Single- and Multistage TEC types

◻ Up to 40W per cm2 cooling power density

◻ Regular and HD assembly technologies

◻ Advanced Bi-Te material properties

◻ RoHS compliant

◻ Laser Diodes and Superluminescent Diodes

◻ X-Ray and IR- Sensors

◻ Photodetectors and Photomultipliers     

◻ Avalanche Photodiodes (APD)

◻ Focal Plane Arrays (FPA)

◻ Charge Couple Devices (CCD)